Massachusetts Energy Choice

Energy choice in Massachusetts provides electricity customers with the option to choose a competitive electricity supplier that can help lower your electricity supply rate per kWh. There are two essential components to electricity service, supply and delivery, both of which have been offered by the utility up until deregulation. When you switch suppliers, you are choosing a competitive supplier to generate your energy supply while the utility continues to deliver your electricity and send you your bill.

Massachusetts energy choice has helped hundreds of thousands of customers to save money on their energy costs including residential, commercial, industrial and government customers.

​​​​​​​The Massachusetts utilities that are open to energy choice include:

  • National Grid (Massachusetts Electric)
  • National Grid (Nantucket Electric)
  • Eversource (formerly NStar)
  • Eversource (formerly WMECo)

Massachusetts electricity deregulation and retail access officially began in 1998 like several other states, yet it has taken almost two decades to expand into a highly competitive market with a great deal of awareness amongst Massachusetts utility customers.

Electricity choice means that public utilities are no longer the only option to receive our electricity supply – instead, the utilities focus on delivering the electricity to your home or business, maintaining the grid infrastructure. Utilities are now more commonly referred to as LDC’s, Local Distribution Companies.

​​​​​​​Some of the many benefits deregulation offers to Massachusetts electricity customers include:

  • Lower rates
  • Customized and flexible plans
  • More innovative products and services